Arko SRL

Industrial bending centre

“the art of bending metal”



Of experience

Specialised in the bending of metal profiles

Arko srl is a company which boasts many years of experience in the sector of subcontracting services aimed at the manufacturing industry. We have honoured our commitments to our large and loyal customer base for over 20 years.

Our history began with our experience in the windows and doors sector, and has evolved over the last few years thanks to our collaboration with many industrial sectors.

Starting from a technical drawing or a prototype developed from the express specifications of the customer, we can work any type of material by simply supplying the curved or composite pieces.

The pieces can be complete with inserts, mechanical machining for drilling, pre-assembly of completion and everything necessary for their functionality.

We also build the rollers, the bending equipment for each type of profile and we are organised and self-sufficient for each working phase, managing to guarantee you an optimal and supervised result at every point of the production.

Our works


Bending of profiles or iron sections


Bending of steel and stainless steel profiles

Stainless steel

Also with regard to stainless steel, we deal with profiles


You can also request the bending of aluminium profiles

Custom-made components

Our technicians are experts in custom-made processing

Special processing on already bended profiles

Our processes include: cutting, drilling, threading, welding.